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Vinyl recorders


CDI Optical media manufacturing pioneer in Israel is presenting a "new" service Vinyl records

Music lovers will find an original analog warm and unique sound.

Here is a brief explanation on the record and its features, (for those who know only the CD) :

The Vinyl record is played by a thin needle, it is placed on the rotating disk speed of 33 RPM. The needle placed on the outer grove and is led by the music towards the center, this grove contains all the audio information that will transferred to the speakers.

The diameter of the LP Vinyl is about 30cm record and has two sides , each side contains about 22 minutes of wonderful sound .

There are smaller version of the Vinyl with a diameter 17 cm containing 6 minutes , this version is the original version of the Single CD .

When the record is ready, we pack it in a plastic envelope and inserted in a printed cardboard packaging .