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Vector was established in 1993 and in 2007 became a part of the CDI group.
For the past ten years the company has been acting as a Microsoft Authorized Replicator (AR). Under this unique Microsoft contract, which is limited to a small and chosen number of companies worldwide, Vector manufactures and distributes the variety of Microsoft software products sold with new computers. Among these products are all operation systems of the Windows family, the Office applications in a variety of languages and all the server products. The company operates under the AR program all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Vector operates under close Microsoft control and supervision, throughout all stages of production, distribution and quality control. This assures that every customer at every location will be provided with a high-quality licensed product, under the highest standards. 

The company's existing and potential customers include most major computer assemblers and computer accessory distributors in Europe and Israel. 

As an AR, the company specializes in the two types of Microsoft customers, SBC (System Builder's Channel) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer- (Direct Account)). In the OEM operation, Vector has the ability to provide customized products: The customer can choose the content of his product - receiving each of the components separately (licenses, manuals and customized CDs), or in one assembled kit. To provide customers with high quality products and excellent service, Vector operates using professional and experienced personnel, specializing in the variety of required skills. In addition, the company's entire supply chain is supervised, including carefully chosen suppliers and raw materials inspection, all in order to fulfill Microsoft's strict quality demands. 

The company's operations consist of the following activities:
•    Data base management including customers, products, invoices and licenses. 

•    Production of hundreds of thousands of software kits with many updates every month. An assembled kit production could include printing, literature, CDs, stickers, packages, diskettes and more. All these items are produced under the high standard Microsoft quality demands as well as many other company requirements. 

In addition to performing as an AR, Vector has been supplying many customers with a large range of fulfillment products including all kinds of media (CD, DVD etc.), printed material and all necessary builds (binding shrink, barcodes etc.)

The services we offer include:
•    Media duplication using stamping (CD-ROM & DVD-ROM) and burning (CD-R & DVD-R). 

•    Printing of catalogs, manuals, guidance kits and others. 

•    Graphic design for various applications (CDs, literature, etc.) 

•    Storage and distribution of special and unique products. 

Using the experience accumulated in Vector over the years of cooperation with Microsoft, we offer our customers the following advantages:
•    The company has full reliable freight capability and extensive knowledge on the customs in every country and can provide full logistic plans for all our customers. 

•    With great personal service and flexibility we are available 24/7 round the clock for assistance. 

•    Fast delivery time and attractive pricing with all freight costs to your airport paid for!!! 

•    "Customs friendly", we prepare all the required documentation including invoices with all emphasis needed for quick delivery and minimum delay in customs, with specific documents made for each customer according to their exact needs!!! 

•    By preparing forecasted products with the customer we are able to ship "in stock" products within 24-48 hours and in many cases even on the same day!!!

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